Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Last Light Radio 11:01 PM

In light of recent (political) events, I have been a bit stir-crazy and decided to go for a run with the baby.  A good way to clear my mind, get some fresh air and get 'Hank The Tank' to fall asleep.

Now, I know I live in probably one of the most white-bread suburbs of Los Angeles, but as I was running, every person I encountered - men, women, Caucasian, African American, Asian, etc.- said "good morning" with a smile.  And I said it back.  It got me to thinking with all the commotion and emotions on/offline, we live in a pretty damn good country.  Aside from the political letdown that some people are feeling, we, as citizens, are granted the right to choose who we want to lead our country.  Most other countries don't have that privilege; which is a huge reason many people still dream of coming to America.  Much like our forefathers did, to escape the tyranny of the King.  They fought to create their own systems and to have the right to practice their own religions, have their own choices, etc.  I'm not saying that what we need to do is colonize elsewhere, because let's face it, there's nowhere else to colonize.  Nor am I saying we need to wage war on our fellow man (a-la Civil War). I suppose what I am saying is this:  I am one person.  I have my wife, my 3 boys and my dignity.  I have what my parents taught me and the lessons I have learned.  My duty, as not only a father, but a citizen of the United States of America, is to continue to push on and move forward.  To teach my boys (through example) compassion, love, loyalty, knowledge and the confidence to be all of those. 

So certain people were not elected and others were.  That's the way it is.  This, like it or not, is the system.  It works sometimes and is flawed the rest of the time.  As Americans we need to unite, remain positive and be the country that we can be - despite who the figure head is.  The government will try to wear us down, divide us, break our spirit.  They'll try to suppress our beliefs and take away rights for which we've fought so very hard.  It is our job to remain united - to not let them stifle our voice or blind our vision.  No matter what is thrown our way, we can endure it.  We must.

I'll leave you with a small clip of one of some Stephen King narration from the Shooter Jennings & Hierophant record 'Black Ribbons'.  It really hits home right about now....

I've always started my shows by saying that: All ships lost in the night search for the lighthouse on the rock of the enlightened
But, for truth seekers out there, the battery is fading and the light is dying
I see that freedom has failed us and with no light the night's going to be a long one
Woody Guthrie said: This land is your land, this land is ... my land
Great words, but this land is their land now.....

....The most important truth is love, all you know and all you need to know, as the poet says
What was that beauty, what's the difference?
Love your family, love your neighbor, love your enemy as yourself
Go on loving, it's what humans do best and the one thing they can't kill
Got it?


Friday, January 03, 2014

2013 - Back To Rock N Roll

BEST OF 2013 - In No Particular Order

The Bronx The Bronx (IV)

Broncho Can't Get Past The Lips

Alice In Chains The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

ASG Blood Drive

BRMC Spectre At the Feast

Clutch Earth Rocker

Hanni El Khatib Head In The Dirt

Avenged Sevenfold  Hail to the King 

Doomriders Grand Blood

Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks

Off With Their Heads Home

Queens Of The Stone Age ...Like Clockwork

Russian Circles Memorial

Pelican Forever Becoming

Red Fang Whales and Leeches

Savages Silence Yourself

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats Mind Control

Touché Amoré Is Survived By

Norma Jean Wrongdoers

Tomahawk Odd Fellows

Andrew Stockdale Keep Moving

Honorable Mention/Other Heavy Rotation:

 Black Sabbath 13

Black Joe Lewis Electric Slave

*Melvins Everybody Loves Sausages

Kylesa Ultraviolet

Eels Wonderful, Glorious

Kvelertak Meir

Palms Palms

Frank Turner Tape Deck Heart

*Mark Lanegan Imitations
**Black Tusk Tend No Wounds

**Local H The Another February EP

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mosquito

Albums With Which I'd Like to Spend More Time:

Crusader Onward Into Battle

Beastmilk Climax

The Wild Feathers The Wild Feathers

Cult of Luna Vertikal

Melvins Tres Cabrones

Bad Religion True North
Biffy Clyro Opposites

*Denotes cover album
** Denotes EP